Fence Supplies

While de la Garza Fence Co. is proud to be San Antonio's only manufacturer of chain-link wire, and one of only a handful of manufacturers in Texas, de la Garza Fence provides many other fence related products as well. 

Below is a selection of some of the fence products that we regularly stock and maintain at de la Garza Fence. If you require a specific fence related product, we encourage you to contact our San Antonio, Texas based office at 210-674-8302 for availability. 

-Chain Link Fence (Residential & Commercial)
-Temporary Fence Panels
-Ornamental Fence
-Field Fence
-Galvanized Pipe & Tubing
-Fence Fittings
-Gate Manufacturer and Gate Repair
-Rental Fence
-Dog Kennels
-Barbed Tape (Razor Ribbon)
-Gate Operators